Suck It Up Buttercup

This is a story of a young lady who has had her share of challenges. I first met Lily via some Facebook Live presentations and I found her to be very energetic and passionate about her life, children and business.

A full blown "Jersey Girl" who due to a tragic event in the family was moved to Miami Florida. Lily was not excited about the move because at the time she was just making those friendships that would last forever. In a new city where she new no one and staring over again making friends. She then gets married and starts a family and she had gained a skill set as it relates to sales and marketing and her husband finds an investor to help launch a business, problem is Lily is not invited to the party and is told to focus on raising the Kids. After 20 years and 7 children later Lily finds herself on her own, divorced and having to find a way to support herself and 7 daughters.

Lily could have very easily sat there in all the Drama that has surrounded her but she decided to Hell with that. It was time for her to get her "Jersey Girl" going and off she went. At some point someone talks to her about an opportunity where she could use her skills and talents and market a product that everyone wants and needs. Best of all the cost of entry was low, it had a simple to follow marketing success plan and plenty of mentors and best of all she could get paid for telling her story!!! Hey a "Jersey Girl" getting paid to tell her story, where do I sign she is saying.

Fast forward a few years and she is a force in the marketplace, drives a brand new Lexus, just moved into a Brand New Condo, and she is inspiration and leader to hundreds of other women and men. Here is my point in writing this blog about Lily. I do not necessarily need someone else to inspire me as I have plenty but something about Lily just wants me to listen and to learn more and I will in time I guess. But my message to you is this, "Why Not You". What is your story. Lily's was divorced after 20 years, single mother of 7 and on her own but she just said "Suck It Up Buttercup" and the story begins, and does not end there. Lily is on her way, the best part is that her 7 girls have no excuse because they can look at their mom and say "Hey Why Not ME".. If you are ever approached by Lily Chauvin and you listen to her story and are invited to join her journey you first question should be "Where do I Sign".

I can not wait to here more about Lily and where her Journey takes here and the people that work with her because they have a leader second to none and the future look bright for all of them and it started because a driven "Jersey Girl" said "Suck It Up Buttercup"