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So many times I hear people say they "Live For The Weekend".  My question would be what about the other Five Days?  

If you just "Live For The Weekends" that means you are only really living 8 days a month!! 8 out of 30 days!!! you are Living the rest you are...

I have a question for you?  How are you expecting things to change if you are following the same crowd you were last year?  

If you are following that crowd then you are also aligned with their Comfort Zone.  Their easy does not have to be You!! If you desire chang...

As you desire to be Successful or more than just desire, No that is not enough.  If desire is all it takes we would all be Successful.

There are two defining factors that create a formula for Success and they are undeniable. You have to do these two above all else.


Over the years I have studied and learned so much about what it is to LEAD.  For many years I worked in structured work places starting from my time in Law Enforcement and beyond.

People always looked at the Command Structure and we all thought they were Leaders but how...

Regret Is A Choice:

Just as lows can create new heights, every set back can create a new move forward and upward. The decision should never be I can not, the decision should be, what do I have to do to become better. What books do I need to read, what seminars or class...

There will come a time and a moment when for whatever reason you can hear you own song. No one else will be able hear it but you and that's O.K. because this is your time to dance to your own music to the Dream and Opportunity you have created for yourself.

It's your so...

To often times we limit where we want to go because we are looking or waiting for validation of others.  I have news for you IT'S NOT COMING SO GET OVER IT!!

The time you spent waiting for the validation you could be half way to one of your 3 more important goals.  It a...

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