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When I was in Law Enforcement noting would get your Adrenaline going than to hear "I AM IN PURSUIT  broadcast over the radio in your squad car or motorcycle.  A fellow Officer is in a High Speed Pursuit and now its ON!!!

Officer's rushing to the aid be to part of i...

Have you ever felt Lost? have you ever felt that you just do not know where to start, what to do next?  Your not alone but I am here to tell you that it is OK. 

Your starting  a new venture, a new chapter in your life, exploring or starting a new opportunity that y...

As we move into the final months of this year 2017 this is an important question to ask ourselves, "What Have We Missed"?  

In my early years, I were travel through my days saying "Well There Is Always Next Year". Looking back on that philosophy I realized what a t...

Certain stepping stones throughout your adult life and career choices will require Decisions. Make no mistake about it, the Decisions will help define who you are and how you may or may not influence others. Remember you Own the Decisions You Make.

On the other side may...

Recently I had to make two long road trips, in total about 3200 miles.  During that time much of the drive time was at night and I find that is the best time for me as it gives me the best time to reflect on 3 things.  Where I was, Where I am Now, and Where I Want to G...

Instead of asking "IF" what about "HOW".  A Simple shift in the words and that Subtle Change can mean the difference between Success and Failure.  To many times we get caught up in the "What If" instead of the "How To".

We do not have to look for a different Narrat...

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